Clare's Croads

Clare Curtis specialist Croad Langshan poultry breeder.

Clare Curtis is a specialist small scale breeder of Croad Langshan poultry with limited numbers of birds and fertile eggs for sale each season.


The Croad Langshan Breed


The Croad Langshan is a heavy soft feather breed. They originate from Langshan in China and were imported by Major F T Croad in February 1872.

It was Major Croad’s niece, Miss A C Croad, who fought hard to establish the breed in this country.

They are well known for the “U”- shape that they display in profile where the tail feathers of both male and female birds reach the same height as the head.

They have dense gloss black plumage with a beetle green sheen and feathering on the leg and outside toe. Soles of the feet are pink and they have white toe nails.

The perfect utility breed they produce 150 large plum coloured eggs per year and make good eating with white skin and dense white meat.

They are long lived and 10 years old is not unusual though egg production declines dramatically after 6 years.

There is an active breed club The Croad Langshan Club  who hold a number of national and regional shows each year. The club also host social events and this year celebrate their 30th Anniversary since reforming in 1979.

Joining details can be found on the club website. Membership includes regular newsletters and on joining new members receive a copy of The Croad Langshan Breed Book.



                              Wellington - Large Black Male - Clare's Croads

                                                             Photography by Jonathan Ayres